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Meet the Artist!


My name is Brook Russell and I am the artist behind Brook Taylor Illustration! I was born and raised in Fairhope, Alabama with a love to create. I have always adored art and fashion and pursued these interests at Auburn University through a degree in Fashion Design. While still in school, I began illustrating as a creative outlet, but I slowly noticed friends were reaching out to me for custom fashion illustrations!

After graduating in the fall of 2018, I did what any sane person would do: I packed my car and moved across the country to work in Yellowstone National Park. The precious six months that I lived and worked in the park unlocked a love for nature, travel, and unexpected friendships that I will always carry with me. It was a summer of dodging elk while walking to work, getting lost on well marked trails, and very, very little sleep. It was one of the most chaotic and freeing experiences of my life and left me craving a lifestyle that would allow me to continue to travel

A year later after returning from Wyoming, I was at a crossroads as to where the next stage in life should take me. The idea of returning to Yellowstone was absolutely alluring, but my love for fashion had not loosen its grip on me and I knew I wanted to pursue this hobby of fashion illustration. Since then, I have fully launched Brook Taylor Illustration as my career! Starting in 2021, I have participated in arts and crafts festivals across Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee. I even snatched up a couple awards along the way. I love connecting with people through my art, especially when it comes to custom illustrations. My biz is just a little sapling, but as I continue to grow as an artist and a person, I hope to add a little beauty to the world and to the lives of my patrons:)

                                                              With love,


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