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Wedding Guest Signature Sign

Brook Taylor offers one of a kind guest signature signs featuring a custom illustration of the wedding couple. Each sign is 100% custom and unique to reflect you and your partner on your big day. This guest signature sign is a great alternative to traditional guest books and is such a fun detail to incorporate into your special day!

Pricing and Info



  • 11x14’’(up to 25 guests) $225

  • 16x20”(up to 50 guests) $250

  • 18x24’’(up to 150 guests) $275

  • 20x30”(up to 200 guests) $300

  • 24x36’’(up to 300 guests) $325

  • adding a pet: additional $50 for each pet

  • Signs will be completed and shipped within 2-3 weeks of placing the order

  • You will need to provide reference photos of the people and outfits you want drawn!

  • Every custom illustration is 100% original and unique to you, digitally drawn, and signed by the artist(artist signature will be on the back)

  • Once you purchase your guest signature sign, email the artist at of all your pictures for the artist to draw from

  • Pictures to send: Clear photos of each person, your dress/tux and hairstyle pictures

  • If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

*signs come unframed and printed on canvas*


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